Dr Gabrielle Hart is a Specialist Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist working from her own Private Practice.

Dr Gabrielle Hart obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Adelaide in 2001, then going on to train in the fields of neurology and psychiatry at the Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, France. She was also able to experience a broad training in the care of infants, children and teenagers facing a variety of challenges in Australia, including at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and the Austin Hospital.

Dr Hart obtained her fellowship to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in 2015, receiving the Maddison Medallion for excellence in the study of Psychiatry. She currently supports her patients through her own private practice.

About Your Care

Dr Gabrielle Hart Child and Adolescent Psychiatry practice provide assessment and when appropriate ongoing outpatient care. The initial family assessment takes place during a 1.5 hour appointment. Your child or adolescent attends with parents or carers (two adults who live with the young person).

Children are seen initially with their parents in the room, and then separately if they feel comfortable. Parents are also given time separately to allow for all relevant perspectives to be shared.

Please bring along to your appointment any recent school reports, or reports from occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists or other specialists. Your referral from your GP (general practitioner) is essential and we are able to receive these by email reception or fax prior to your arrival.

When your assessment is completed you will be able to discuss options for followup. These may include ongoing therapy with Dr Hart, or a plan for the involvement of other clinicians and allied health practitioners, or both.


Please find a range of commonly asked questions. For more information please reach out and contact us.

How do I book an appointment?

All new assessment appointments are booked after your referral letter from your GP or referring doctor is sent by email to Dr Hart.  You will be contacted by our reception to confirm the date and time and to be informed of the fees and rebates for the assessment.

Who should come to the assessment?

Both parents should attend the assessment if possible with their child.

What should I bring to the assessment?

Your GP or doctor’s referral letter is essential. School reports and any testing from previous assessments are also useful.

How long will the assessment take?

The assessment will take 2 hours. Follow-up appointments are 45 minutes or one hour for parenting program sessions.

How do I access my rebate?

Rebates should be paid by Medicare into the bank account you have nominated within 24-48 hours of payment for your appointment. Please visit www.servicesaustralia.gov.au website for details about registering for the Medicare Safety Net.